Born in Sao Paulo, Toquinho started to play guitar since his childhood, having later studied harmony and orchestration with acclaimed classic and popular guitar teachers. In the decade of 60’s, he started to play together with Chico Buarque, Taiguara, Sérgio Ricardo and others, and recorded his first compact disc in 1964, including the songs “Primavera” (C. Lyra/Vinicius de Moraes) and “Só Tinha de Ser com Você” (Jobim/A. de Oliveira).

In the following year, he worked as guitarist, accompanying singers and also composed songs for theater performances. In 1966, he recorded the LP “O Violão de Toquinho” and in 1969, went to Italy for six months where he performed with Chico Buarque and Josephine Baker. Back to Brazil, Toquinho recorded his second LP by RGE, which includes the song “Que Maravilha”, in partnership with Jorge Ben Jor.

In the decade of 70’s, Vinicius de Moraes invited him to participate in a series of shows in Buenos Aires and, since then, they have built a solid partnership that would continue for 11 years and produce 120 songs, amongst them "Tarde em Itapoã" and "Regra Três". Toquinho recorded several albums, including the anthology "Tom, Vinicius, Toquinho e Miúcha", live recorded at Canecao, Rio de Janeiro, and participated in several musical projects in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and Japan.


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