Klaus Ximenes

Klaus Ximenes


Born in Sao Paulo city, Ximenes started his musical studies at age 11, when he received his first guitar as a gift. Later, he has been studying in music schools and soon discovered that this would be his occupation.

At age 22, he joined the Musicians Institute (MI) in Los Angeles California where he lived for a year studying guitar (GIT) and vocal (VIT).

In 1996, his first vocal CD was released by BMG Brazil, and had several special participations, including Milton Guedes, Mauricio Barros and Dé from Barão Vermelho (Brazilian rock band).

 In 2000,  Ximenesentered the Uni-FMU FIAM FAAM (Alcântara Machado University) and after 4 years of study, he received the bachelor degree in popular guitar.

In 2003, he idealized his ambitious project inaugurating the Music Company, one of the most well equipped and installed Music Schools of Brazil, where Ximenes work as Coordinator.

In 2006, the musician opened the TV Cia da Musica, a site specialized in music, that transmits live shows through internet. Currently, with more than 300.000 hits including domestic and international accesses, the site consolidated itself as one of the most important media to the diffusion of the Brazilian music.

At the end of 2007, Ximenes released his first instrumental album, where he puts in practice all the knowledge of years of study, using rock as main influence.

Following the excellent repercussion of his first instrumental work, in 2009 Ximenes released his second album entitled “Carnaval from Hell”. The main theme of this album is Brazilian music. The album is filled with Brazilian rhythms such as Frevos, Baiões and Cirandas. It is a well tempered mixture of Brazilian music and guitars. 

Currently, the central issues of his agenda are drumming up some publicity for his albums and also being in charge of the pedagogical coordination of Companhia de Música school and of TV Cia da Música.


Carnaval From Hell Carnaval From Hell