Edmundo Carneiro

Edmundo Carneiro


Edmundo Carneiro started his career as a percussionist in his native country, Brazil. In 1988, he left his country to work in France with the French singer Jacques Higelin for 5 years.

In France, he also participated in groups such as "Bachibouzak", "Grupo Extra", "Kamafra" and "Guenau", and worked with famous musicians and singers like Arthur H, Axel Bauer and Elli Medeiros. Later, he renewed ties with his homeland by working with Brazilian artists such as Tania Maria, Baden Powell, Rosinha de Valença, Seu Jorge, Raul de Souza and many others.

Afterwards, he became acquainted with electronic music and later collaborated with some of the most famous DJs such as Next Evidence, Bob Sinclar, Schazz, Charles Schillings, Ariel Wizman, Stéphane Pompougnac, Gregory, Dario Buenté.

He also took part in the recording of albums containing vocal and a mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Percussionist of his own style, he is always looking for a way to innovate and create his songs. He has been touring in 66 countries and “The Hands” is his most recent released album.


The Hands The Hands