Everything Will Change

Everything Will Change

Everything Will Change - Davi Zew's


  1. Everything Will Change ~すべては変わる~
  2. きみへ (Kimi he)
  3. Meu Bem ~Until the End~
  4. 新しい世界へ (Atarashii Sekai he)
  5. 旅立ち (Tabidachi)
  6. Tudo Vai Mudar
  7. Um Minuto Pra Dizer
  8. Ate o Fim
  9. Ninguem Mais
  10. Partida

Young brazilian singer-songwriter sings in japanease!

CD Info

Davi Zew's (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil - September 21, 1987) is a Brazilian pop-rock singer-songwriter.
Influenced by international rock greats like The Beatles, John Mayer, Goo Goo Dolls and Incubus, Davi Zew’s, 23, was driven by the influences of folk, blues rock and electronic music to produce his songs. His music wander in the pop-rock contemporary universe with optimistic lyrics, sometimes romantic and dancing.
Davi Zew`s attracted not only the Brazilian public but also the ears of some Japanese.
All began after his friend used his songs as an extra material while giving Portuguese lessons in Canada. One of the students loved the music and decided to translate it to Japanese, her native tongue.
Thrilled with the opportunity, Davi Zew`s recorded one of the tracks in Japanese and from there his story with Japanese music began.
Realizing the public response and having been interested in the Japanese culture since his childhood, Davi Zew’s decided to translate 4 more songs from his CD and make an EP in Japanese, called Everything Will Change, which was released in the internet October 2010. (