EP - felixbravo


  1. Nina
  2. Morena
  3. Vem
  4. Coisa De Doido
  5. Menino Fujao

An brilliant contemporary bossa!

CD Info

In a music scene more and more dominated by loud guitars, two musicians from Curitiba are proud to sound anachronistic. “We’re nutcases swimming against the tide”, jokes Bernard Bravo, who, together with Joao Felix form the “composition core” FELIXBRAVO.
Besides this musical tradition, tracks as “Vem” and “Coisa de Doido”, released into the homonymous EP, hold strong poetic quality and melancholy absorbed by the introspection that people from Curitiba carry for living in a freezing city. “Not only the cloudy days but also the sunny ones to zero degrees influence in the most charming possible way”, admits Bernardo. “Curitiba has a climate which favors home get-togethers. Much of the coziness we want to bring into the esthetic of the song comes from this detail.”


João Felix - acoustic guitar, vocal.
Bernaro Bravo - vocal, acoustic guitar, percussion.
Bruna Buschle - base.
Philliph Nightingale - violin.
Falavinha - harmonica.
Luciano Machado - piano.