Carnaval From Hell

Carnaval From Hell

Carnaval From Hell - Klaus Ximenes


  1. Rodando A Baiana
  2. Quentao Com Gasolina
  3. Baiao Atomico
  4. Frevao
  5. Gonzaga Metal
  6. Boneco De Olinda
  7. Izau
  8. Catando Cavaco
  9. Lampiao Cabra Macho
  10. Mangue Do Agreste

Frevo Rock'n' Roll!!

CD Info

In June 2009, the musician released his 2nd instrumental album. With the intention to allow the public to have full access to the CD, all tracks have been available on the Internet for free download through his website.

In this album, the Brazilian music has been the major influence in his compositions. Using the formation of guitar, bass, drums and percussion, the compositions are a simple and good humored mixture of guitar riffs with Brazilian rhythms.

The 10 tracks of the album are filled with Brazil’s northeastern rhythms. On the CD, Brazilian rhythms such as Frevo, Baião and Ciranda are performed in an energetic and lively style. Frevo is present in the tracks “Boneco de Olinda”, “Catando Cavaco”, “Frevão” and “Rodando a Baiana”, in which the typical melodies are well performed and very well supported by the remarkable pace of frevo transferred to the drums. The distorted guitars are also present on the album giving more power to the compositions. Highlights are given to “Baião Atômico”, “Gonzaga Metal”, “Izaú” and “Lampião Cabra Macho”, where the guitar riffs are blended to the Baião rhythm, which is very well reproduced by the triangle and the zabumba (type of bass drum) instruments. The Ciranda rhythms are present in the tracks “Quentão com Gasolina” and “Mangue do Agreste”, where the melodies transport the listeners’ imagination to a typical São João feast, full of Brazilian rhythms and sounds.

All these elements confirm that the instrumental music has no boundaries and it is very good to know that those opportunities are being explored by musicians who use music as a tool to express their ideas and feelings.


The musicians on the recordings are:
Gustavo Mancebo (Zebu) on bass,
Bruno Ballan on drums,
Rodrigo Braz (Digão) on percussion,
Klaus Ximenes on guitar.
All the songs were composed and arranged by Klaus Ximenes.
The recordings were made in the studio of Cia da Música.