Bossa Nova Celebration All Stars Live At Blue Note Tokyo

Bossa Nova Celebration All Stars Live At Blue Note Tokyo

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Format: CD Album
Release: 2009.08.19

Bossa Nova Celebration All Stars Live At Blue Note Tokyo - Oscar Castro - Neves


  1. Ela E Carioca
  2. Ponteio
  3. My Sweet Sweetie Pie
  4. Domingo Azul Do Mar / Fotografia
  5. Waters Of March
  6. Rio
  7. Caninana
  8. Rio Dawning
  9. Tatiando
  10. Misturada / Tombo
  11. Chora Tua Tristeza
  12. Canto De Ossanha
  13. Manha De Carnaval
  14. Deixa

Brazilian Great Musician Oscar Castro Neves reunites two world renowned musicians: the Bossa-Nova singer Leila Pinheiro and the acclaimed percussionist Airto Moreira

CD Info

The album is a recording of the live concert held at Blue Note Tokyo on April 30th, 2009. The famous songs of Tom Jobim, Roberto Menescal and Baden Powell are reborn in a new jazzistic bossa-nova version under the leadership of maestro Oscar Castro-Neves.

(Text from CD Oscar Castro-Neves LIVE AT BLUE NOTE TOKYO.)
This project, Live at The Blue Note, is endearing to my heart for several reasons.
First, it is done in Tokyo. Japan is a land that never ceases to mesmerize and educate me with its culture, its history, and its people. There is, I feel, a strong connection between Japanese and Brazilian melodies, and I believe that part of this connection is the embedded emotion that both convey.
Second, this CD is the result of our performances at the Blue Note Tokyo, home of the highest quality music and one of the best jazz clubs in the world, a universal icon.
Third, it brings together old and new friendships. Airto and Leila, artistic giants, are my good friends and musical partners for many years.
I wholeheartedly thank Marco, a long time musical co-conspirator. Without his tenacity and insistence, this project would not exist. Marcelo and Paulo, friends I discovered a few years ago, apart from being superb musicians, are genuinely kind souls, people I know I can rely on, personally and musically. Taro, my new friend, is a very caring and dedicated overseer of this project. My intuition knows the quality of his heart, and I look forward to watering this new garden, and to learn more about the Japanese soul.
My heartfelt thanks to my dear cousin, Luiz Augusto Castro Neves, our Brazilian Ambassador in Tokyo, and his wife, Sonia. Their warm hospitality and his generous support were paramount help to all of us.
Thanks also to the whole, friendly gang at Tupiniquim Entertainment Co. and thanks to the Blue Note Tokyo and its impeccable staff for all their gracious care.
Special thanks to Lorraine Castro-Neves for her continuously loving support and always clear insight.
The camaraderie, this spirit of good fellowship that links us together, go on record the same way the notes we play do. That makes for even better music.
I dedicate this music to my sister-in-law, Olenka, whose spirit has continuously illuminated our paths, and to Linaea and Tristan, the most precious arrivals in my life - my first granddaughter and first grandson. What an intense joy this is.
The show and this album are a snapshot of the trajectory of the Bossa Nova throughout the last 50 years. It looks at the music of the seminal composers, like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Roberto Menescal and myself and also at the following generation of writers, like Edu Lobo, Baden Powell, Luis Bonfá and others.
Oscar Castro-Neves
P.S. At the time this text was getting ready to go to print I learned that my friend Kenny Rankin has left us. I would like to celebrate his legacy to us as singer, composer and guitarist. His recordings will keep teaching us how high you can take your art and how you can make it your own. How lucky I am to have known and worked with him.


Oscar Castro-Neves (Guitar, Vocal)
Rio de Janeiro-born, Oscar Castro-Neves is a Brazilian singer, guitarist, arranger, composer, musical director and producer based in United States.
His first musical instrument was a cavaquinho, his first band was formed with his brothers in his youth and his first national hit was at 16 with “Chora Tua Tristeza”.
In 1962, Oscar Castro-Neves has performed in a Bossa Nova concert at Carnegie Hall in New York together with Sérgio Mendes and João Gilberto.
Radicated in United States since 1966, he is one of the artists that helped to establish the Bossa Nova movement in the USA.
He has worked as music producer, director, arranger, pianist and guitarist with worldwide renowned musicians and singers like Sérgio Mendes, Stan Getz, Carlos Lira, Elis Regina, Vinícius de Moraes, Milton Nascimento, Flora Purim, Quincy Jones, Paul Winter, Yo-yo Ma, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, João Gilberto, Airto Moreira, amongst many others.
During seven years he was the Music Director of the Brazilian music TV show held at Hollywood Bowl and has worked as an orchestrator for several films.

Special Guests
Leila Pinheiro (Vocal)

Native from Belém, Pará, the Brazilian Bossa Nova singer, pianist and composer, Leila Pinheiro started her solo career in 1982 and soon became known for her diverse repertory, besides her expressive and rhythmical voice.
Her self-titled debut album was recorded in 1983 and two years later, she won the Best New Singer award at a music festival sponsored by a TV network. In 1987, she has recorded “Olho Nu”, an album released simultaneously in Brazil and Japan, which yielded an invitation for the Yamaha Festival as Brazil's representative, where she was appointed the Best Performer Award. She was also awarded with the Villa-Lobos trophy as the feminine revelation of the year by ABPD (National Association of Record Producers). Amassing awards, she has recorded two more albums, including “Bênção, Bossa Nova”, a special tribute to the 30th anniversary of Bossa Nova, produced by Roberto Menescal, which turned into a hit in Japan and Brazil. Since then, Pinheiro has been regarded as a bossa nova specialist, particularly after releasing her album “Isso é Bossa Nova”. Her 1993 album “Coisas do Brasil” and 1994 album “Isso é Bossa Nova”, both won a gold record.
By the end of the 90’s, Leila Pinheiro has performed with Ivan Lins in the United States and participated in a tribute concert to Tom Jobim at the Carnegie Hall, in New York.. She has performed live and recorded in the studio with internationally renowned musicians including Baden Powell, Tom Jobim, César Camargo Mariano, Roberto Menescal, João Donato, Ivan Lins, Francis Hime, Toquinho, Pat Metheny, Sadao Watanabe and others.

Airto Moreira (Percussion, Drums)
Born in Itaiopolis, Santa Catarina and currently living in Los Angeles, Airto Moreira showed an extraordinary talent for music at a young age. He has learned singing, piano, violin, mandolin and musical theory, and at thirteen, he became a professional musician, playing percussion, drums, and singing in local dance bands.
He has joined the groups Sambalanço Trio and Quarteto Novo, and at the end of 60’s he moved to United States,
In New York, he has performed and joined Miles Davis group, besides the groups Weather Report and Return to Forever.
He has worked with some of the most influential American musicians like Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, George Duke e Paul Simon, Carlos Santana, Gil Evans, Gato Barbieri, Michael Brecker, The Crusaders, Chicago and many others, besides contributing to movie sound tracks such as The Exorcist, Last Tango in Paris, King of the Gypsies and Apocalypse Now.
Widely regarded as one of the world’s most popular percussionists in the 70’s and 80’s,
Moreira has won the Downbeat magazine poll as the best percussionist over twenty times and in the past few years he was voted number one percussionist by Jazz Times, Modern Drummer, Drum Magazine, Jazzizz Magazine, Jazz Central Station’s Global Jazz Poll on the Internet, as well as in many European, Latin American and Asian publications.
Besides having joined the “Planet Drum” percussion ensemble, which won a Grammy Award in 1991 for World Music, he also contributed to another Grammy Award winning ensemble, “Dizzy Gillespie’s United Nations Orchestra”, which received the award for Best Live Jazz Album.
He has recorded albums and compositions critically acclaimed by European market and also has recorded with Kodo (Japanese percussion group) his composition “Maracatu”, which was chosen to be the official song for the 2002 World Cup in Asia to open the ceremonies for the event in Japan.

Paulo Calasans (Piano, Keyboards)
Born in Jundiaí, São Paulo, Calasans started very early his violin studies influenced by his father, also a musician; but initiated his professional career playing piano with a group at his town in the 70’s.
In the 80’s, he has joined bands, produced new talents, as pianist, keyboardist, arranger, programmer, composer and musical producer.
From 1988 till 2001, during thirteen years, he has joined the band of renowned Brazilian singer Djavan, having performed in international concerts and festivals of many countries.
Calasans has played in concerts and festivals for Europe, Latin America, Canada, United States, Japan and Brazil with famous Brazilian singers like Djavan, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Lô Borges, Sá & Guarabyra and Cássia Eller, among others.
He has worked as producer, arranger and conductor in concerts such as “Tribute to Tom Jobim” in 2003, “Senna in Concert” in 2004 and “Angola Brazil” in 2005, amongst others.

Marcelo Mariano (Bass)
Marcelo Mariano was born in Rio de Janeiro as son of the pianist César Camargo Mariano and singer Marisa Gata Mansa, Marcelo started his professional musician career at age forteen.
He has recorded and performed together with several renowned musicians such as César Camargo Mariano, Djavan, Ed Motta, Flávio Venturini, Gal Costa, Ivete Sangalo, Jorge Aragão, Leila Pinheiro, Leni Andrade, Lobão, Lenine, Pedro Mariano, Sadao Watanabe, Simone, Chico Pinheiro, Eumir Deodato, Romero Lubambo., amongst others. Currently, Marcelo is joining the group of singer Paula Lima, accompanying her on stage.

Marco Bosco (Percussion)
Born in Torrinha, São Paulo, Marco Bosco started his professional career as a percussionist in 1974 playing with different bands, having later studied with professors and musicians of Campinas and São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestras.
In 1980, he recorded an album in Japan and went back to Brazil in 1981, where he has recorded, produced albums and soundtracks for dance, cinema, theater, radio and television.
In 1990, he moved to Japan to study percussion with a Japanese percussion group. Besides performing in live concerts and recording sessions with other foreign and Japanese musicians, he has released some albums while living in Japan.
Besides Brazil and Japan, he has been touring in Mexico, United States, Latin America, Europe and Hong Kong.
Back to Brazil in 2000, he established a recording company, Rainbow Records, with maestro Ruriá Duprat.
Bosco went many times to Japan, where he has recorded and released a Jazz Bossa Nova album, besides producing albums of Brazilian musicians and singers recorded in the United States and Japan.
He has participated with other Brazilian musicians in Randy Brecker’s album, “Randy in Brasil”, which won the 2009 Grammy for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.
Back to Brazil in 2010, he worked as music director of “Amazon Space” radio show at Amazonas FM radio.